Laboratory Infrastructure

Last Updated:
04/02/2024 - 17:09

We are carrying out a wide range of chemical and biological analyses with different types of equipment in the METU Limnology laboratory.

The list of laboratory equipment and their facilities:

Analytic Balance (Sartorius P2245 & Precisa): Analytic Weighing Purposes

Autoanalyzer (Seal AA500): Total Nitrogen, Nitrite, Nitrate, and Ammonium Measurements

Autoclave (Automatic steam sterilizer, ALP Model CL-32L): Sterilizing and Other Purposes

Biological Safety Cabinet (Nuaire)

Centrifuge (Eppendorf 5810 R): Chlorophyll-a Analysis

Conductometer (Orion model 115): Conductivity and Salinity Measurements

Deep Freezer (-20): Storage of Samples

Filtration Device (Millipore): Filtration of water samples

FlowCam: Rapid automated particle characterization, flow imaging microscopy to speed particle analysis

Freeze Dryer: Long term preservation

Furnace (Nuve FN500)

High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (Waters): Pigment Analysis

Hot Plate (TOPO HP330)

Incubator (Nuve OT 012): Drying Purposes

Inverted microscope (LEICA DMI 4000B) + Digital camera: Plankton Identification and Counting

Inverted microscope (OLYMPUS CKX41): Plankton Identification and Counting

Magnetic Stirrer (Heidolph): Chemical Analysis


Multi-prob Oxygenmeter: Measurements of Physical and Chemical Parameters During Fieldwork

pH meter (Orion 410A+): Laboratory pH Analysis

Pipetting Controller (Genex Alpha SO-1200 M1)

Shaker (Yellowline RS/OS 10): Chemical Analysis

Spectrophotometer (Perkin Elmer Lambda35): Spectrophotometric Analysis

Stainless steel vacuum machine (Sartorius)

Stereo microscope (Ivymen): Microscopic Identification and Counting

Stereo Microscope (LEICA MZ 16) + Digital camera: Zooplankton Identification and Counting

Stereo Microscope (LEICA MZ 6000) + Digital camera: Zooplankton Identification and Counting

Tubular counting chambers(KC- Denmark): Phytoplankton and Zooplankton Counting 

Vortex (Heidolph): Chemical Analysis

Water Bath (Memmert)


The list of field equipment and their facilities:


Adjustable piston rod: for Kajak Corer

Boat engine (Mariner 9.9)

Cool Box

Depth meter (Speedtech)

Digital camera

Electro-fisher with a generator (1000 VA)

Fraction tray for Kajak Corer

Gill nets for fish with various mesh sizes (from 6-85mm)

Grab sampler (Ekman): for Invertebrate Sampling

GPS (Magellan 315)

Inflatable boats (2 and 4 meters)

KC Kajak Sediment Core Sampler: for <50 cm-long Sediment Sampling

Livingstone Piston Corer: for up to 4 m-long Sediment Sampling

Ockhelman Sledge: for Invertebrate Sampling

Oxygen meter (WTW OXI 197)

Plankton nets (10, 25, 55, 80, 140 and 500 µm)

Platform (4x4 m): for Livingstone Piston Corer

Pushrod (4 m): for Livingstone Piston Corer

Rake: for Submerged Macrophyte Sampling

Rubber bungs: for Kajak Corer


Schindler Trap: for Water Sampling

Secchi disc: for Light Penetration

Sieves (in various sizes)

Transparent acrylic tubes (0.5 and 1 m-long): for Kajak Corer

Tube samplers: for Water Sampling