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Aquacosm-plus logoProject Title: EU H2020-INFRAIA-Network of Leading Ecosystem Scale Experimental AQUAtic MesoCOSM Facilities Connecting Rivers, Lakes, Estuaries, and Oceans in Europe and beyond

Acronym: AQUACOSM-plus

 Project Information

AQUACOSM-plus is an EU funded project which is conducted as part of the H2020-AQUACOSM Project. AQUACOSM-plus aims to efficiently address the dramatic challenges aquatic ecosystems are facing by providing, to a broad multidisciplinary international research community, an open-access, high- quality and innovative European-driven research infrastructure, supporting excellent research and fast-track to innovation, and bringing together a research community specialized in experimental mesocosm-based research, covering freshwater and marine ecosystems from the Arctic to the Mediterranean. AQUACOSM-plus aims to go far beyond the achievements of its predecessors which are ongoing H2020 AQUACOSM Project (2017-2020) and FP7-funded network MESOAQUA          (2009- 2012).   

Duration: 04/2020- 03/2024

Funded by: European Commission, Research and Innovation, Budget 9,999,563 €

Directorate: Dr. Jens Nejstgaard (coordinating institution (FVB-IGB) and the scientific coordinator),, Dr. Stella Berger (deputy coordinator),

Project partners: See website for the partners and their facilities.

As a partner of AQUACOSM-plus, METU offered to access to the full range of laboratories and instrumentation available at the METU Mesocosm System and METU Limnology Lab, physical, logistic, technical and scientific support will be provided for all researchers via Transnational Access. Professor Meryem Beklioğlu lead "WP3", tasks 6.2, 9.3, and contributor to all WPs. For detailed information, you can visit

The upper figure shows that AQUACOSM-plus mesocosm facilities in terms of partners with including its predecessors as FP7 MESOAQUA and H2020 AQUACOSM (upper panels), and demonstration of activities (lower panel).

Graphical demonstration of work packages including "WP3", relations between the AQUACOSM-plus WPs, related RIs, and expected output on the left side