Understanding how salinization and warming impact shallow lake ecosystems through synchronized mesocosm experiments in Türkiye

Access Start Date: Aug 27, 2023
Access End Date: Oct 29, 2023
Application Deadline: June 30, 2023

Over the past few decades, climate change has caused significant changes in global temperature and precipitation patterns, particularly in semi-arid regions where intensive water use for irrigated crop farming is a major problem that these impacts results in increase in salinity of freshwaters and pose a major threat to the ecosystem structure, functioning and biodiversity of shallow lakes. To gain insight on impact of salinization on ecological structure, interactions, processes as well as biodiversity, we will conduct a synchronized mesocosm experiment in the Autumn of 2023 that captures the effects of two different salinities and two warming scenarios on two mesocosm systems located in central Anatolia and south of Türkiye.

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