Cyanobacteria bloom (Microcystis aeruginosa) has observed yesterday at Lake Eymir during the biweekly monitoring programme performed by METU EKOSAM. Prof Meryem Beklioğlu spoke to Anadolu Ajansı (AA) regarding the probable reasons and solutions. Increased temperatures due to climate change, change in water retention time due to manupulations in lake hydrology and past nutrient loadings seems to be the major contributors to this event. As a solution to these contributors, METU EKOSAM previously performed restorations assuring (i) the cessation of the Gölbaşı domastic waste decharge to the lake and (ii) biomanupulation to remove carp fishes from the lake.  For more details regarding the event, please visit AA web site or see the interview video from here.

Last Updated:
20/08/2021 - 11:02