Collaboration Between DSİ 5th Regional Directorate and EKOSAM: Eymir and Mogan Lakes Visited as Part of Monitoring Program

In June, the DSİ 5th Regional Directorate and EKOSAM conducted a field study to enhance the monitoring program of Eymir and Mogan lakes. During the fieldwork, significant locations representing the inflow and outflow of water to and from Mogan and Eymir lakes were visited. The visited locations included Yavrucuk, the flood trap, Çölovası, Sukesen, and Atatürk Coastal Park, which is the water level measurement point of Mogan Lake. During the fieldwork, actions to be taken were decided to develop ongoing and future projects for the control and improvement of Eymir Mogan lakes monitoring program.

Last Updated:
11/06/2024 - 12:15