Paleolimnologic Research


Paleolimnologic Research:


Paleolimnology research in this laboratory focuses on the use of fossil freshwater algae diatoms, and microcrustaceans ostracods and cladoceras preserved in freshwater sediment archives along with several routine analyzes such as stratigraphic description, photography, loss on ignition and preparation of samples for dating, grain size analysis, and stable isotope analysis to reconstruct changes in climate and the environment during the Holocene period and post-glacial times. 


Field Equipment:

  • KC Kajak Sediment Core Sampler for <50 cm-long sediment sampling
  • Livingstone Piston Corer for up to 4 m-long sediment sampling
  • Transparent acrylic tubes (0.5 and 1 m-long) for Kajak Corer
  • Adjustible piston rod for Kajak Corer
  • Rubber bungs for Kajak Corer
  • Fraction tray for Kajak Corer
  • 4 x 4 m platform for Livinstone Piston Corer
  • 4 m push rod for Livinstone Piston Corer