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Lake Eymir & Mogan

Lake Eymir & Mogan are the two interconnected shallow lakes that reside in Central Anatolia near the Gölbaşı District which is at approximately 20 km south of Ankara. The Coordinates of Eymir & Mogan are 39°47’N-32°47’E and 39° 49’E-39°49’N, respectively). You can reach to the documents containing basic and detailed information about Lake Eymir & Mogan at the end of the page. Lake Mogan is the primary source of water coming to Lake Eymir. You can basically see Sampling points in Lake Eymir & Mogan and points of inflow and outflow in Figure 1. We have been continuing ecological, limnological and paleolimnological research on Lake Eymir & Mogan since 1997 with the financial aid from METU(Middle East Technical University). Hydrological, physical, chemical and biological parameters of Lake Eymir & Mogan have been continuously measured with 15 days of regular sampling cycles since 1997. This data set obtained by continuous sampling is the Longest Monitoring application in Turkey. In addition, we also perform aquatic plant survey and fish stock measurements annually in these aforesaid lakes. Not only the research we have been conducting on Lake Eymir & Mogan will help us to understand the ecology of Mediterranean Shallow Lakes better but it also helps us to mitigate the changes imported by global climate change on these lakes. Publications and Presentations about the research we have done on these matters draw attention in scientific community. The Research we have done since 1997 produced 16 publications with SCI Index, 11 National Publications, 1 Foreign Book Chapter and 2 Domestic Book Chapter. Also, with the help of the research we conducted since 1997 we produced 15 Master Thesis and completed 11 Projects in which 8 of them are supported by Middle East Technical University. You can find the detailed list of the work we have done so far from the links at the end of the page. 
Table 1. Basic Information About Lake Mogan & Eymir
Figure 1. Position of Lake Eymir & Mogan and Sampling Points


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