Last Updated:
28/06/2020 - 14:14

METU Mesocosm System-I (aquatic) includes a floating pontoon bridge, 32 mesocosms (1m and 2m length).

- Floating pontoon bridge, platform, functioning as a landing platform and wave breaker is placed on the right side, which is also the anchoring end of the bridge. The pontoon bridges are made of wooden boards and floating devices consisting of plastic barrels (or similar, but exact buoyancy needed to depend on the weight of the wooden board). At one end of the pontoon bridge, a small working platform is established to land the boat and anchor the pontoon bridge.



- Enclosures consist of cylindrical (D = 1.2 m) fiberglass (4 mm) mesocosm tanks two heights: 1.2 m (16 sets ) and 2.2 m (16 sets).