Field Work Equipments

The field studies performed by our laboratory mainly consists of regular monitoring and snap-shot samplings of lakes with various sizes and depths for physico-chemical and biological variables. The latter includes phytoplankton, zooplankton, invertebrates, fish and macrophyte survey. 

The equipments in use are:

  • Inflatable boats (2 and 4 meters)
  • Boat engine (Mariner 9.9)
  • GPS (Magellan 315)
  • Depth meter (Speedtech)
  • Oxygen meter (WTW OXI 197) 
  • Secchi disc for light penetration
  • Schindler Trap for water sampling 
  • Tube samplers for water sampling
  • Plankton nets (10, 25, 55, 80, 140 and 500 µm)
  • Rake for submerged macrophyte sampling
  • Ekman grab sampler for invertebrate sampling
  • Ockhelman Sledge for invertebrate sampling
  • Sieves (in various sizes)
  • Electro-fisher with a generator (1000 VA)
  • Gill nets for fish with various mesh sizes (from 6-85mm)
  • Scales 
  • Cool Box
  • Digital camera